Customisation Guide

"We will help you actualise your idea or develop your systems technology ready for market."

Customisation Guide

Customising your Custom Enclosures and Other Products

Here's a taster of our custom enclosure 'design and development process'.

How do we do it, and what are your options? If you're not sure about something at any point, we offer technical support and advice on every aspect. We will help you actualise your idea or develop your systems technology ready for market.

1. Materials


For starters we will discuss your design/idea, application, industry, budget and desired aesthetic. Together we will select the best approach for manufacturing.

2. Scheme


We develop the product scheme for manufacture. What features does your product require? Electromechanical switches & keypads? User interfaces? Mechanical elements? We design an enclosure around the 'electronics scheme', or design it from scratch. We often present a range of concepts for you to choose from, or design to match your existing product range or brand. We design and manufacture all components, or source and supply standard parts.

Here is a typical example of an electronic system designed by one of our customers. We helped develop the electronics scheme and designed an enclosure around this. In this example the product requires a display window, an environmental seal (in the form of a rubber gasket) and a keypad.

3. Finish


With a product scheme secured we can begin to We offer a range of textures or a gloss finish. If working with plastic; the texture or polish is applied to the injection mould tool. Alternatively, our in-house decoration team offer a soft touch (suede effect) finish or a metallic / chrome finish.

4. Colour

We mould rubbers and plastics in a large range of coColourlours. Alternatively we can spray paint the part almost any colour you like. This includes metallic finishes and even luminescent (glow-in-the-dark)!

5. Labelling and Branding

Labeling and Branding

Our in-house assembly and decoration team offer pad printed (Tampo) logos and decals. These are hard-wearing and permanent. We also design, source, supply and apply labels and overlays.

6. Accessories

To compliment and add value to a product, we often add accessories. We design and manufacture (or source) anything you need. Here are some typical accessories we supply with our enclosure kits and products.

Labeling and Branding

Electronic Accessories

  • Removable & Hot-Swap Batteries
  • Cables & Connectors
  • Multi-bay Chargers

Mechanical Add-ons

  • Stands
  • Cradles & Holsters
  • Wall Brackets

Upholstered Accessories

  • Instructions Manuals
  • Promotional Material
  • Packaging

Printed Media

  • Lanyards
  • Wrist & Hand Straps
  • Handles & Grips
  • Carry Bags & Protective Cases