Injection Moulding

"Injection moulding is the forerunner of all plastic processing techniques."

Injection moulding

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Injection moulding is the forerunner of all plastic processing techniques.

It is highly automated and cost-effective. As a result, injection moulded parts are so ubiquitous we are almost guaranteed to encounter one every day of our lives.

The Process (see diagram below)

Plastic pellets are fed from the hopper into the heated cylinder. The plastic pellets melt into a liquid polymer. The screw injects the polymer under massive pressure into the mould tool where the polymer cools, hardens and the part is formed. The mould tool opens and the part is ejected.

Injection Moulding Process Diagram

Injection Moulding Process Diagram

Injection Mould Tooling

The tooling (or mould) creates the parts. A 'pattern' of the part is machined into a block of steel or aluminium; creating a cavity. When the liquid polymer is injected into the tool, the cavity is filled and the part is formed.

Tooling is a highly skilled process, and thus requires investment; but can show returns in as little as 100 products. Thanks to our exspansive range of in-house capabilities, we offer a seamless transition between designer, engineer, tooler, and moulder. This allows us to control quality, lower costs and speed up the whole process.

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