Custom Enclosure Development Process

"Depending on your capability, you may choose to fulfil some of these stages yourself"

Custom Enclosure Development Process

What is involved in the development of a custom enclosure?

We can break it down into 6 clear stages before production. Depending on your capability, you may choose to fulfil some of these stages yourself or submit your brief and let us take you to production. We seek your approval after each stage and practice an open door policy when it comes to development.

1. Product Brief

We meet to discuss your requirement and build a product brief. This brief is the blueprint for the enclosure and can be in the form of a sketch, description or CAD data.

2. CAD - Product Scheme

3D CAD model produced of enclosure. Projection of parts, materials and processes. May be multiple schemes/concepts. This is submitted as a presentation for approval.

3. Sketch Prototype

Basic 3D printed prototype produced, evaluated and submitted for approval. This prototype is not always essential but can be invaluable if there are any unsual technical challenges to overcome.

4. CAD - Detailing for Manufacture

Product scheme refined and optimised. Specification of parts, materials, processes for production. Presentation is revised and submitted for approval.

5. Production Prototype

Prototype produced to validate all aspects of the enclosure for production. This prototype can be finished and decorated to exhibition standard.

6. Tooling

Injection mould tooling for plastics, compression tooling for rubbers and assembly jigging is produced. Samples of production parts are produced for approval.

7. Manufacturing

All parts are manufactured at Sigma or sourced from a specialist supply chain where required.

Enclosures can be supplied as sub-assembled kits, or fully built products.